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Welcome to Breakwater Cove Condominium Association
News and Updates:
The Board has hired Innovative Pressure Cleaning for power washing services on all Buildings.  It is anticipated the work will begin on October 14th and will take four to five days.  The schedule will be Building 1,3, 4, 5 and end at 6.  All personal items must be moved from the building area to be washed.  All vehicles should be removed away from the building on the day it is scheduled to be washed.  Neither the contractor nor the Association are responsible for any damages to any items or vehicles not moved.  Notices will be sent via email and posted in mailboxes.
Buildings 4, 5, and 6: Please be advised that the water to your building will be shut off on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 from 9AM – 5PM.  The purpose of the water shut off is to install a shut off valve at the meter pit, so the water company can change the water meter.  This is required by the water company.
The Board hired NHM to continue to replace the capping on the bulkhead in the rear of Building 4.  Weather permitting, the work will begin on Wednesday, October 21st. 
Any hoses remaining outside after October 31st will be removed by the Association and stored in the pool house for the season.
Beach chairs/umbrellas must be removed from front porches no later than October 31st .
The Board has renewed the contract with Absolute Quality Lawn Care to provide landscaping services for the 2021-2022 season.  
The Board has renewed the contract with Green Touch for trimming shrubs and trees in the community for the 2021 season.

The Board has renewed the contract with CK Landscape Construction to provide snow removal services for the 2020-21 snow season.
The 2020 election was completed during the September 21st meeting.  Michael Borst and Marianne Salimbene have been re-elected to the Board.
If you have something that you want to bring to the Board’s attention, please email Kathy Winch.  Management and the Board have had several conference calls and will continue with conference calls to assure that our property is maintained.  We will continue posting notices as needed at the pool house, email, and on our website. 
The maintenance and grounds keeping contractors will continue uninterrupted.  
Mooring applications will be sent out to returning boat owners.  All documentation must be returned no later than June 1st, but for this year only, given the present circumstances, the Board is suspending the requirement that a boat must be in the water no later than July 1st.    Please note the dates for the mooring season on the contract.
Be safe, and stay well during this difficult time!







There will be a change in format for our meetings, beginning with the May 2017 meeting.  There will be only one open session, which will be held at the end of each meeting.  Each owner will be recognized one time only.